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Your Health Plan

With your Health Plan solution, your employees and their families are fully supported by caring experts-whether they have a general question, or they're faced with a challenging diagnosis. Though it all, we're at your side to provide comprehensive plan processing with the best in high-tech and high-touch service. It's the foundation for how Your Health Plan solution supports your goals for employee health, as well as the bottom line.

Reference-based Pricing

With reference-based pricing your business will be shielding employees from the high cost of healthcare while also reducing expenses. With RBP's added control and overcharge protection, you can experience deep cost savings up to 30%.

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Provider Partners

We make it easier for members to get affordable access to high-quality care when they need it through partnerships with premiere health systems and top-rated physicians. And our coverage continues to grow as we identify and add quality physicians in local markets.


Improving quality of life and company culture while controlling costs across the continuum of healthcare needs.


Managing pharmacy benefits, drug delivery, and cost-containment through your choice of hybrid, pass-through or traditional PBM partners.