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GPA Cost Plus℠

Cost Plus GPA Cost Plus℠ offers employers a smart alternative to the typical PPO plans in a world where the average mark-up for hospital goods and services is 300–2,000%. GPA believes health plans should be purchased in the same manner as goods and services. Our approach delivers the transparency you need to make educated decisions when choosing a plan. In addition to GPA Cost Plus℠, we have national networks such as MultiPlan, CIGNA, IMS and HealthUtah.

Benefits to Members

  • Lower contributions and improved benefits
  • Legal support and protection in the event of balance billing or collections
  • Member access to physicians through a national network

Benefits to Employers

  • Lower cost for entire medical benefits program
  • Significant stop-loss premium reduction compared to traditional PPO pricing
  • Allocated fiduciary responsibility to ELAP
  • Receive same legal protection as members
  • Employer access to physicians through a national network

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